Alan Smith

Alan is from England and resident in Stockholm where he works as a consultant for Active Solution, a company specializing in Azure and .NET development. He has been in the IT industry since 1995 and delivering training courses since 2005.

Between courses he acts as a mentor and coach to other developers and teams, sharing his knowledge of Azure to improve their project development. He also works closely with Microsoft, taking part in technology preview programs, attending software design reviews and providing feedback to development teams.

Alan has an active role in the developer community running a local Azure user group as well as playing a leading role in organizing the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp and the CloudBurst conference in Sweden. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and user groups in Sweden and around Europe and has held the Microsoft MVP award for ten years, and is currently MVP for Microsoft Azure.


Please feel free to contact Alan for any questions regarding training courses or speaking engagements. Blog:CloudCasts Blog Twitter:@alansmith LinkedIn:Alan's LinkedIn Profile

Microsoft Azure Service Bus In-Depth

This intensive 2-day course provides the knowledge and skills required to leverage the SOA, communication and integration capabilities provided by Microsoft Azure Service Bus.

The course will cover the use of the Azure Service Bus to provide connectivity to on-premise and cloud-based services. The use of relayed messaging for request-response operations and brokered messaging for asynchronous one-way messaging will be explored and best practices for reliable secure messaging explained. The use of Event Hubs for processing high-volume telemetry streams will also be covered.

Advanced features like publish-subscribe messaging, routing, message sessions and correlation will be covered in detail as well as procedures for handling failed and expired messages. The securing of access to the service bus access will be covered.

A number of challenging and engaging hands-on labs will be used to reinforce the topics covered and provide ands-on experience of the technologies.

As the Windows Azure Service Bus is a rapidly evolving technology the course content can be subject to change.

This course is targeted at experienced .NET developers who wish to create distributed applications using cloud-based capabilities. Basic knowledge of WCF service development is an advantage.

Training Courses

All course material is in English, and courses are delivered in English. Feel free to contact me for further information.