Alan Smith

Alan is from England and resident in Stockholm where he works as a consultant for Active Solution, a company specializing in Azure and .NET development. He has been in the IT industry since 1995 and delivering training courses since 2005.

Between courses he acts as a mentor and coach to other developers and teams, sharing his knowledge of Azure to improve their project development. He also works closely with Microsoft, taking part in technology preview programs, attending software design reviews and providing feedback to development teams.

Alan has an active role in the developer community running a local Azure user group as well as playing a leading role in organizing the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp and the CloudBurst conference in Sweden. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and user groups in Sweden and around Europe and has held the Microsoft MVP award for ten years, and is currently MVP for Microsoft Azure.


Please feel free to contact Alan for any questions regarding training courses or speaking engagements. Blog:CloudCasts Blog Twitter:@alansmith LinkedIn:Alan's LinkedIn Profile

Microsoft Azure In-Depth

This intensive 3-day course will provide developers with the knowledge and skills required to develop, deploy and manage applications for the Microsoft Azure platform.

The core windows services, such as Web Roles, Worker Roles, Storage, Service Bus and Azure Web Sites will be covered, with guidance on choosing appropriate services for a given scenario. Data storage will be covered in detail, focusing on Tables and Blobs in the Windows Azure Storage Services as well as Windows Azure SQL Databases, and data migration strategies will be discussed.

Application lifecycle management will be covered, including using source control for development teams, and managing continuous integration. Options for packaging, deploying and maintaining Windows Azure applications will be discussed and demonstrated.

As Windows Azure is a continuously evolving platform, the course will be updated regularly to reflect the latest developments.

This course is targeted at experienced .NET developers who wish to create distributed applications using cloud-based capabilities.

Training Courses

All course material is in English, and courses are delivered in English. Feel free to contact me for further information.