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Starting Solution – XNA Racer

Game development can be challenging and very rewarding, as well as a lot of fun. As the focus of the Red Dog application is to show how Azure services can be used in a gaming scenario it would make sense to start with a sample game. This should allow the majority of the development to be focused on the implementation of the cloud services and integrating them with the game.

The XNA Racer game was developed as a sample for the Microsoft XNA technologies. By today’s standards it’s pretty basic, but it does provide pretty good playability and the graphics don’t look too shabby. The game is written in C# using the XNA framework, and the full source code for the game is available. The sample also includes the models, textures and audio files, which are great fun to customize to add a cloudy feel to the game.

The game source code is available here.

A Word about XNA

The XNA game development framework was deprecated by Microsoft a number of years ago. Fortunately the community has stepped in to provide support for the platform, and release new installations that work with the latest versions of Visual Studio. Whilst game developers would not typically focus a lot of energy learning XNA today, many of the techniques used in the Red Dog Racing sample application can be applied to other games where cloud-based back-end services are leveraged.



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