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Rendering 3D ray-traced animations is a task that requires massive compute power. Creating a 256 node render farm that is capable of producing high definition high quality 3D animations would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and take months to provision. Creating this environment in a cloud-based platform can cost around $30 per hour, and takes only a few minutes to provision. In this session the power of cloud-computing is demonstrated live on stage, with the creation of a render farm in Windows Azure using 256 virtual servers to render a 3D animation using depth data captured by a Kinect sensor. The principles used in the architecture of this solution can be applied to many other scenarios, and is covered in detail, along with tips and advice for creating your own grid computing applications.

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Azure Storage In-Depth This course provides deep and detailed coverage of the Windows Azure storage services. Advances topics will be covered using real-world scenarios.

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