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Azure Storage In-Depth This course provides deep and detailed coverage of the Windows Azure storage services. Advances topics will be covered using real-world scenarios.

Alan Smith

This demo intensive session focusses on the use of Microsoft Azure services to host a back end system for real- time telemetry processing in a 3D racing game. The use of asynchronous queues, worker roles, storage services and websites are explained. Techniques for real-time data stream processing, data archiving and report generation are discussed and demonstrated. The techniques demonstrated will be applicable to many scenarios, from multi-player gaming to device telemetry and the internet of things.

October 22 2014 Views: 6448 Duration: 46:31
Alan Smith

This entertaining and demo intensive session lifts the lid on the black art of physics simulation in computer games. The sample scenario is the re-writing and testing of the physics engine in a sample 3D driving game. Starting with the basics of force, mass and acceleration the simulation is gradually enhanced to include lateral and vertical g-force, tire slip, down-force and collision detection. The addition of a drag reduction system (DRS) and kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) round off the demo, and add a strategic element to the game. The techniques demonstrated can easily be applied to 2D and 3D games on any technology to improve the responsiveness, feel and overall playability of the game.

April 17 2014 Views: 5614 Duration: 1:03:05
Alan Smith

Red Dog Racing is a 3D driving game that makes use of back-end services hosted in Windows Azure. Sector and lap time data and telemetry data is send from the game to the Windows Azure Service Bus. A worker role is used to de-queue and process the data and store it as entities in Windows Azure Table Storage. Telemetry data is also sent to Windows Azure Blob Storage to provide the game with a replay function that displays ghost cars for the fastest laps driven by other players. The best lap times, overall standings, and driver telemetry data can be viewed on a website.

March 7 2014 Views: 6203 Duration: 5:29