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Azure Storage In-Depth This course provides deep and detailed coverage of the Windows Azure storage services. Advances topics will be covered using real-world scenarios.

Alan Smith

This demo intensive session will show how physical devices can be integrated with cloud-based services in Microsoft Azure. The principles, patterns and best practices of integrating devices to the cloud will be covered in detail. Receiving and processing telemetry data, notification messages, and sending control messages securely will be explored.

January 28 2015 Views: 6335 Duration: 1:00:13
Alan Smith

The brokered messaging services in the Microsoft Azure Service Bus provide advanced enterprise class point-to-point and brokered messaging capabilities in the cloud. For developers experienced with message based technologies such as MSMQ, BizTalk Server, Azure Storage Queues and IBM MQ-Series the availability of these capabilities raises a lot of questions. This demo centric session will attempt to answer these questions and more by showing how the advanced features of Azure Service Bus brokered messaging can be leveraged be developers familiar with message oriented systems.

January 28 2015 Views: 7203 Duration: 1:01:56
Alan Smith

This demo intensive session focusses on the use of Microsoft Azure services to host a back end system for real- time telemetry processing in a 3D racing game. The use of asynchronous queues, worker roles, storage services and websites are explained. Techniques for real-time data stream processing, data archiving and report generation are discussed and demonstrated. The techniques demonstrated will be applicable to many scenarios, from multi-player gaming to device telemetry and the internet of things.

October 22 2014 Views: 6355 Duration: 46:31
Alan Smith

Windows Azure provides a number of services that allow existing on-premise applications to be extended to the cloud, or migrated to cloud-based hosting. In this demo intensive application an on-premise multi-tier application will first be extended to the cloud using the Windows Azure Service Bus, before being fully migrated to Windows Azure using Windows Azure Websites, Worker Roles and Windows Azure SQL Database. The end result will be a fully cloud-hosted application.

March 6 2013 Views: 6064 Duration: 1:07:36